Auto Claims Software

APP Technologies' Incident Management System (IMS) is the industry-leading application for auto claims management. IMS and its powerful Electronic First Report (eFR) component link into existing fleet, logistics, and human resources databases to make tracking accidents with your drivers, vehicles, and cargo a simple task.

Not only do APP's solutions integrate well with existing databases, they also link into your accounting software to simplify your financials. Need to perform fault analysis or identify route causes? IMS's advanced reporting capabilities enable you to extract the meaningful data you need when you need it.

Auto Claims Management Software


  • Track details specific to automotive claims: VINs, license plates, trailers, drivers/passengers, road types, street conditions, and vehicle actions
  • Manage and track fleets directly from within IMS or link to an existing fleet management system
  • Trending and fault analysis reports help reveal driver errors, common accident causes, repeat offenders, etc.
  • Visually assign drivers and passengers to vehicles; easily handle large vehicles with many passengers and claims
  • Assign cause codes to accidents to create objective assessments of accident causes
  • Synchronize IMS’s accounting periods with your fiscal calendar to easily integrate payment requests with your accounting department and software
  • Quickly access a full suite of reports, including loss runs, claims performance, file aging, historical snapshots, cash flow projections, graphs, and more!
  • Streamline and manage your workload with recent file tracking, follow-up reminders, alerts, messaging, diary, integrated document management, and other team-oriented workflow tools

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