Electronic First Report (eFR)

Electronic First Report streamlines web-based reporting of incidents

Electronic First Report (eFR) from APP Technologies enables online, web-based first reporting for Incident Management System (IMS). Reports taken over the Internet reduce costs and reporting latency, giving stakeholders fast access to the critical facts of accidents.

eFR uses a straightforward, easy-to-follow wizard for report intake with customizable tracks for different types of incidents. No claims jargon is included - just familiar terms that help improve accuracy of reports. Reports are immediately available for review in IMS and eFR broadcasts e-mail notifications of new losses to key personnel based on rules you define.

eFR serves as an excellent web portal with a full incident history and provides live access to current claims data in IMS! eFR users can see notes, financials, and attachments from IMS via the web and request case actions online, which are transmitted directly to IMS users.

Benefits of eFR

  • Instant notification of new losses to key stakeholders by e-mail
  • Cuts paper out of the process with the ability to upload photos, reports, videos, etc. online
  • Insures a complete report every time by allowing you to enforce your incident-type-specific business rules during the reporting process
  • Turnkey web portal solution for clients or risk/safety managers in satellite locations

The following information may also be helpful as you seek to learn more about eFR. Of course, scheduling a demo is the fastest way to see how eFR can meet your needs so contact us today!

Screen Shots

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Summary of reported incidents eFR Wizard