Incident Management System (IMS)

Claims Management Workflow

Incident Management System (IMS) from APP Technologies is an advanced claims and risk management software system built around the needs of self-insureds, third-party administrators (TPAs), and all companies that need to track losses and claims.

IMS takes a unique incident-based approach to claims management, which results in a more natural data flow than other systems and allows the software to not only be outstanding at handling claims, but also gears the system for a strong approach to risk management and risk mitigation. Identify root causes of losses, run sophisticated analysis reports, and leverage the data in your enterprise risk management (ERM) strategy.

All Your Claims. One Solution. IMS is designed to handle all types of incidents across many industries. The system is highly customizable and supports tracking claims in many different lines: automobile, workers' compensation, P&C, general liability, product liability, security incidents, ordinance violations, thefts, and more!

Incident Management System (IMS) 3.5 Features

Incident Management System (IMS) 3.5 is equipped with a rich feature set that gives you complete control over your claims and risk information. This feature list is not exhaustive but should give you a general idea of the depth of information IMS can manage.

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Incident Management

  • Capture incidents using web-based eFR or Windows
  • Capture complete detail, including: date, time, description, weather/environment conditions, and police information
  • Unlimited number of parties per incident
  • Unlimited number of property / assets per incident
  • Attachment/document management
  • Coded, date/time-stamped activity log (diary)
  • Customizable, incident-specific "characteristics" allow capture of a virtually unlimited set of data points with free-form entry or user-defined pick list of options
  • Vehicle-specific data points captured: make, model, year, VIN, vehicle action, travel lane, passengers, trailers, etc.
  • Complete at-a-glance history for any employee, person or entity to see history of involvement

Claims Management

  • Create liability and subrogation claims
  • Liability claims with or without reserving
  • Multi-line reserving per claim
  • Unlimited number of claims per incident, per party
  • Check request creation / check printing
  • Claim templates with default reserve values
  • Reserve and recovery estimator tools calculate reserves based on history
  • Automatic logging of reserve changes by user, date/time
  • Policy management link with limit alerts
  • Subrogation collections invoicing
  • Automatic tracking / calculation of employee light duty/no duty days
  • Reporting compliance for MMSEA Section 111 via APP’s reporting service

Policy Management

  • Policy management module
  • Automatic SIR monitoring and management
  • Deductible tracking, billing, and recovery
  • Certificates of Insurance tracking
  • Alerts as losses approach defined thresholds
  • Policy Premium Billing (Insurer Edition)
  • Experience Modification Factor (EMF) calculation (Insurer Edition)


  • Over 130 built-in reports with new reports added quarterly:
    • Loss runs
    • Fault/cause analysis
    • Incident summaries
    • Graphs and charts
    • File/adjuster activity
    • Adjuster performance
    • Payment histories
    • Reserve change histories
    • Collections status
    • OSHA 300/300A/301
    • Light duty reports
  • Ad hoc report creation with export to Excel
  • All lookup tables printable
  • Right-click export of built-in reports to Microsoft Excel
  • Customizable dashboard to summarize key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Flexible PowerFilter tool allows selection of data based on any arbitrary criteria with export of results to Excel or apply filter to any report

Attachments & Imaging

  • Scan images directly from a scanner (includes support for document feeders)
  • Download images directly from digital cameras
  • Automatic image resizing
  • Save scanned images in JPEG/TIFF/PNG/GIF/BMP formats
  • Attach any computer file, selecting multiples at one time
  • Specifically designate which claim, party, etc. the attachment references
  • Attachments open directly from IMS with their own software
  • Attachments can be stored in the SQL database or in a network shared folder

Workflow / Workgroup Tools

  • Per-user recent items tracking
  • Set follow-up reminders for yourself or other users
  • Internal mail
  • User-customizable settings for alerts, report headers, etc.
  • E-mail notifications can broadcast notifications based on arbitrary criteria


  • Integrated Mail Merge capability with Microsoft Word
  • Integrated e-mail creation to Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes
  • ISO ClaimSearch Integration
  • Export to Microsoft Excel
  • Live link to your human resources and/or asset/fleet database
  • Loss run import capability to download carrier/TPA-provided claims data

Insurance Tracking

  • Certificate of Insurance tracking
  • Insurance policy tracking

User Customization / Ease of Use

  • Extensive set of user-customizable lookup tables
  • Add new lookup values on-the-fly
  • Drill down capability on all screens to access greater detail quickly
  • Over 30 user-definable fields for custom data tracking
  • User-specific and system-wide defaults
  • Hide functionality for claims features you don't need
  • Search for data on any screen with simple right-click filtering
  • APP Technologies, LLC provides advanced customization services


  • Robust security integrated with Active Directory or use separate logins
  • Control access to specific functions and limit access to data using data filters
  • Creation / last updated date, time and user name tracked for all incident data


  • 100% Microsoft technology: .NET Framework, Microsoft Office, Windows Server
  • Enterprise-class Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 database

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