Built to Perform

IT managers and APP's risk solutions

Enterprise-class performance built on reliable Microsoft SQL Server. We're committed to insuring that our systems are just as friendly to the IT world as they are to our end users. That's why we've built our software on Microsoft technologies and provide you with options to help you integrate our software into your infrastructure.

The flexibility IT needs:

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008/2012 supported
  • Authenticate users using either Active Directory or configure standalone logins
  • Role-based security
  • Local deployment or cloud hosting
  • Software deployment platform-friendly
  • Integration APIs for human resources, order/shipping, accounting, fleet and asset databases
  • Database dictionary and admin documentation

You're Supported

We deal with the same technical challenges you do and we want to help.
When you invest in a third-party vendor for a critical business solution, you're taking a risk. Will the vendor's software wreak havoc on your systems or impose time-consuming burdens on your IT staff to support? At APP we're committed to creating flexible systems that integrate seamlessly into your existing technology investments.

On-site installations are highly automated and configuring Active Directory (AD) groups and assigning users to them is typically all that's required for IT to administer permissions. Our web-based systems rely on ASP.NET and Microsoft IIS, allowing you to leverage your existing investments in Microsoft Server platforms. Thorough documentation and reference resources are provided so that you can get answers to common questions easily.

Cloud-hosted deployment is also available in which all maintenance and upgrades are performed by APP. In this case, it's a solution that "just works" with minimal IT overhead.

As a Microsoft Partner with the ISV/Software Solutions competency, we are committed to using the latest technologies and giving you the flexibility you need to support your organization effectively.

Integrated Solutions