Property & Casualty Claims Software

APP Technologies' P&C claims management capabilities were conceived with the complex needs of today's claims in mind. Our incident-based approach to claims handling enables you to track multiple claims through a single event, regardless of claim type. Quickly access complete claims histories for locations, divisions, and/or parties to get snapshot views of your losses. Use IMS's full suite of workflow management and reporting tools to effortlessly handle files and identify high-risk areas.

The system automatically tailors its workflow to suit various kinds of loss scenarios, helping you to enforce your business rules and get the most for your technology investment.

Property and Casualty Claims Software


  • Multiple claims per incident
  • Completely flexible, multi-line reserving per claim
  • Customizable "characteristics" allow capture of a virtually unlimited set of data points with free-form entry or user-defined pick lists of options
  • Advanced document management features pull in photos directly from your digital camera, scan and file documents electronically, and integrate with your e-mail
  • Synchronize IMS’s accounting periods with your fiscal calendar to easily integrate payment requests with your accounting department and software
  • Quickly access a full suite of reports, including loss runs, claims performance, file aging, historical snapshots, cash flow projections, graphs, and more!
  • Streamline and manage your workload with recent file tracking, follow-up reminders, alerts, messaging, diary, integrated document management, and other team-oriented workflow tools

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