Product Liability and Warranty Claims Software

APP Technologies understands the importance of providing customers with superior products, and the efficient handling of product liability claims is a key component of this pursuit. You can manage your complete product database or link to an existing production system to have one-click access to all your products. Incident Management System (IMS) enables you to easily track serial numbers, date of manufacture, product lines, etc., and analyze losses by severity and frequency. Trend reports help reveal faulty parts, common customer errors, design problems, and other product defects.

Going beyond simple claims management, IMS's incident-based approach to claims enables a strong risk management perspective. Claims are handled ably while a rich database is being built to help you improve your products and profitability.

Product Liability Claims Software


  • Complete history of each product and/or product line: know at a glance current and past claims
  • Escalate claims that rise above your SIR/deductible and separately track settlement costs incurred by your insurance carrier
  • Customizable "characteristics" allow capture of a virtually unlimited set of data points with free-form entry or user-defined pick lists of options
  • Negotiate settlement payments and establish payment schedules
  • Keep a full audit trail: track reserves and payments by login name with date/time stamp for complete data integrity
  • Synchronize IMS’s accounting periods with your fiscal calendar to easily integrate payment requests with your accounting department and software
  • Quickly access a full suite of reports, including loss runs, claims performance, file aging, historical snapshots, cash flow projections, graphs, and more!
  • Streamline and manage your workload with recent file tracking, follow-up reminders, alerts, messaging, diary, integrated document management, and other team-oriented workflow tools

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