“MMSEA reporting through IMS allows us to manage our responsibilities to CMS effortlessly. The data already in our claims system is transmitted to APP's MMSEA service with a click of a button. This eliminates the need for any extra data input. The integrated reporting allows us to analyze what data we are missing without checking each claim individually. This system has proven to be the most reliable, cost effective, and efficient way to report to CMS. It's just one more reason we are happy we chose APP!”

Dana Grandey, Director of Risk Management
Interstate Distributor Co. (Tacoma, WA)

“Since we implemented IMS four years ago, we have seen our accident frequency drop 31 percent. I know all of this is not due to IMS alone, but IMS has given us tremendous tools to be able to analyze the cause and other contributing factors related to auto accidents. We have been extremely pleased with IMS as a management tool.”

Raymond Turner, Chief Financial Officer
Greater Houston Transportation Company

“APP’s Incident Management System and Electronic First Report have transformed our claims operation. Our adjusters are more productive with IMS’s excellent tools and we are able to spend our time investigating claims rather than pushing paper. IMS allows our different disciplines to store important information in a central housing place, where everyone can access any developments that may occur. And with the security capability, we are able to grant our employees only as much access as they need. The electronic reporting feature has minimized the labor out in the field and reduced redundancy in efforts in our claims department. The reporting and tracking functions have helped us focus on areas of opportunity within our organization. On top of all of this, APP offers superior customer service and really makes us feel like a valued customer. They’re a business partner you can count on. I strongly endorse this product.”

Lynne Kossow, Risk Manager
Michels Corporation (Brownsville, WI)

“I can’t say enough good things about our relationship with APP Technologies.  It’s the kind of company you can really trust because you know that no matter how many challenges you throw at them, they will work hard to make things right.”

LaMonte Jackson, Risk Manager
Auto Claims, Inc.

“Employee compliance used to be a nightmare for us.  As an ambulance company, we have dozens of certifications to keep track of for each and every driver.  Go Compliance transformed our compliance process, keeping all of our compliance data current and organized.  Go Compliance has increased productivity and saved our organization time and money.  It has given me the time I need to bring strategic value to our organization and it's hands down the most user friendly HRIS application I have ever used.”

Brian McCauley, Human Resources Manager
Em-Star Ambulance Services, Inc.

“APP Technologies has helped bring the many tasks required by our claims team into a cohesive structure.  IMS allows us to better manage our files, helping my team focus on our primary purpose: getting claims to their merited resolution faster. Fast resolution means cost savings for us.  IMS has made our old paperwork process obsolete.”

Veda Cuffee, Department Claims Manager
Texas Taxi, Inc.

“APP Technologies has been a key asset to our technology growth.  They have really worked with us hand-in-hand to achieve our technology goals.  We are using their out-of-the-box products with a number of custom modules that streamline many different areas of our operation.  Everything from claims management to compliance to billing has been dramatically enhanced by solutions from APP Technologies.”

Peter Somerman, Vice President
Service Plus, Inc.

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