Workers' Compensation Claims Software

APP's advanced automation features and workflow tools turn the laborious and document-heavy process of handling workers' compensation claims into a streamlined process. APP Technologies has teamed up with third-party organizations to perform fraudulent claims searches, get case management assistance, and conduct medical bill reviews simply from within the software. With integrated EDI state reporting, you've got a single touchpoint for your entire claims operation.

Organized and easy-to-use, Incident Management System (IMS) contains highly configurable modules for data collection. Organizing your data and producing quality reports are just clicks away with APP's acclaimed reporting features.

Workers' Compensation Claims Software


  • Integrated medical bill review capability with a variety of service providers
  • Transmit claims to state departments electronically with IAIABC R1/R3 EDI
  • Integrated ISO ClaimSearch for identification of potentially fraudulent claims
  • Automatic creation of OSHA 300/300A/301 reports
  • Track full details on claims and employees, including their attorneys, insurance companies, and other related parties
  • Track dates of service (e.g. physical therapy, ongoing treatments) and allocate payments to specific injuries and bills
  • Light/restricted duty program tracking allows you to put employees on alternate work programs and track their progress from within IMS
  • Capture multiple wage schedules and track indemnity benefits
  • Auto-Pay feature allows you to schedule recurring payments for indemnity and other situations
  • Streamline and manage your workload with recent file tracking, follow-up reminders, alerts, messaging, diary, integrated document management, and other team-oriented workflow tools

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